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    InDesign Help | Forms | CS6

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/forms.html

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          I can't believe in 2012 (or 2011) you guys still make non-resizable modal dialogs whenever you release a new feature. It's like I'm stuck in the 90s. I mean, it's really appreciated that you introduced forms into InDesign (didn't make much sense doing it in Acrobat) but what the hell? Really hard to use. What's next? 8.3 filenames?

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            Forms get submitted and sent, but nobody can reply to them, what good is that?  An email is generated with that form attached, but then creates some kind of error and goes nowwhere.  I have sent this to several diffrent recipients all with the same result


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              Not sure enough  to be an expert Victor, but I think you need to look into Enabling Usage Rights for Acrobat Reader, in order to make you user-filled pdfs saveable in Reader.  I'm sure that's the case going from LiveCycle > Acrobat (meaning rights have to be enabled), but I can't be certain from within ID.


              Going from LC > Acrobat (where you view it with a full-version), you have to enable Reader rights so your users using Reader can save their completed .pdf, else it simply won't save the compelted .pdf; it will throw an error every time - "Document can only be printed out and filled-in", as I recall.


              (using Acrobat X): File > Save As > Reader Extended .pdf (again, I'm pullng this from memory so it may not be exact. But I'm pretty sure this is what you need)


              by: tadees  typos

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                Acrobat XI is a little different. Create Form in XI seems to do the trick, thanks.

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                  Maybe someone can help me with this question, as I may have got my wires crossed. Before the forms functionality was added to InDesign, you had to add the form fields and interactivity in Acrobat Pro. If you then changed something in the original InDesign document, you then had to make another PDF, and therefore lost all that interactivity you'd added before in Acrobat, and had to redo it all again. At least that's what I found myself having to do.


                  Is that correct, or was I doing something wrong?


                  If it is correct, I assume that's why they've added the interactivity to InDesign, so that all that double handling can be avoided, and it make a lot of sense.

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                    I can't seem to paste new images or objects into an appearance of a radio button. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Following the instructions in 'help' does not work. It just pastes the object on it's own, no matter what I do: double-clicking on the button, using direction selection, etc. It always pastes it as it's own object. Very frustrated.

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                      Wow, it's really broken. I had to just modify the path of the little dot it puts there by default and make it look like I want. What a PITA!

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                        I have created a PDF form in InDesign CS6.  I am new to the program and I am having difficulty with a certain part of my design.  I am trying to make some of my buttons a requirement that they have to be filled out before they will be submitted.  Right now I can fill out the form and skip over many things and it will still submit my form even though I am missing most of the important information.  If anyone knows how to do this, your help would be extremely appreciated!

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                          Does this help?


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                            After working on a file in Acrobat and suddenly find that you need to recreate the PDF you've been working on... It is easier to replace the page "in Acrobat" with the new PDF created from ID. I do know that hyperlinks and things like that are retained when replacing the page.

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                              paste into

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                                I'm not seeing the Add New Hyperlink option in CC anymore. I'm trying to update an email address and have tried just adding a new one and it does not give me the options it did before. Did something change with this tool? There isn't an option for email in my pick list either. So I just try using the hyperlink option and manually add the mailto: and it takes the address but doesn't add any of my other commands to fill in the subject. Did this function move? I can't believe that it's gone entirely. Or did I do something to all 5 of the documents that I'm working on to deactivate it somehow?