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    Buy Flash Builder 4.6

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      we want to buy the flash builder 4.6, but there is no way to buy it. We need additional versions, because we are currently working with the version 4.6 (we are using the design view).

      In version 4.7 there is no longer the Design View, and therefore there is no reason to buy the version 4.7. I have contacted Adobe via the hotline, but the supporters did not know the Flash Builder 4.6. (very strange)


      So please tell me, where can I buy the Flash Builder 4.6?

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          byflashbuilder Level 1

          The new sales strategy by Adobe is very bad, because universities cannot buy Adobe products in the future. Universities in germany work with special accounting systems. Therefore, we can not hire cloud subscription. The result is that next year we have to change our software for the whole university. (I am responsible for the shopping in our institute). I have contacted the support, but they are unfortunately very incompetent. In some cases they do not know the product or give false information.


          Unfortunately, we have programmed some projects using Adobe software and now we can not buy more licenses. This is very bad and a shame for Adobe. We now need to rebuild all projects with other software.



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            Scott Castle Employee Moderator

            @byflashbuilder : When Flash Builder 4.7 shipped, the 4.6 version was taken down from the main Adobe store - we typically only keep one version of a product active at a time.  However, we are in the process of adding 4.6 back to the Adobe store, and you'll be able to purchase additional licenses at that time.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly via scastle at adobe.com

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              Scott Castle Employee Moderator

              Update: Flash Builder 4.6 is once again available from the Adobe.com online store:

              Flash Builder 4.6 Standard:



              Flash Builder 4.6 Premium:



              These links are for retail licenses (Volume/Enterprise licensing needs to be arranged via your Adobe Licensing representative)

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                Moser-Web Apps Level 1

                Hi Scott!


                We recently licensed FB 4.7 not knowing that design view was unavailable. What are our options for returning the FB 4.7 licenses (purchased through a 3rd party) and licensing FB 4.6? Is 4.6 only available through Adobe?



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                  dbc_Austin Level 1

                  I would repeat the question about Flex Builder 4.7 refunds. Having no design view in 4.7 is major drawback and makes 4.7 a substandard development tool.


                  Its annoying that Adobe has not owned up to such a major deficiency. I thought there must be something wrong with my 4.7  configuration. As it happens, I do about 95% of my coding, even the UI elements in Source viiew . But design view is a nice reference, and useful for tweaking.


                  I called Adobe support. What a bunch of bozos. They told me I could "resolve the problem" of the missing design tab in 4.7 for a paid prescription. Luckily I did not fall for that.


                  "Uh, yes sir, the resolution foor your problem is that there is not design tab included in 4.7".

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                    orionlionpax Level 1

                    Hi Scott,


                    Can you post a proper link for buying Flash Builder 4.6 in UK? I have tried one you have provided but for me it did not work and I could not order FB 4.6... Actually when I clicked buy button I saw that I had one item in my cart but when was forwarded to the cart itself I unfortuanely saw that I have no items in my cart.... Strange...