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    help suggestions RAW >> JPG (noise / sharpness)

    Fred K. Level 1



      Does anyone have a better suggestion for this picture to convert from RAW to JPG, particularly noise and sharpness.

      I have
      put the standard JPG image (from the camera) + RAW file + XMP file at the following website WETRANSFER.COM
      To download these files (12 MB) type: http://wtrns.fr/ZSrKp1UoL7P8Vw

      (files available until 10 January 2013)


      P1080056.JPG       =small JPG image from camera

      P1080056.RAW     =Original RAW file

      P1080056.XMP     =settings ACR (Noise + Sharpness + Main tabs used)

      P1080056RAWJPG=image after conversion to JPG (adobe PS)


      I use PS CS6 + ACR 7.0


      example image (JPG from camera):