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    Digital Signatures (.pfx)


      In the past, we have purchased digital ID's from Verisign to digitally sign our pdf forms.  They recently changed their website format and now when you purchase a digital ID, it will read "Persona Not Verified" as the name of the person that signs the document, instead of the user's actual name.  This totally negates the purpose of a digital signature and I do not understand their reasoning, but so be it.  Does anyone know where you can purchase a digital ID from a trusted source in .pfx format?  Thanks for your input.

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          We recently purchased digital IDs from Comodo Security Services. You may want to contact them.

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            Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee



            One thing to realize is that the Certificate Authority (the "CA") is treated as a trusted third party. That is, whoever is validating the signature is trusting that the CA verified the identity of the person to whom they issued the digital ID. If they hadn't vetted your identity then it is incumbent upon them to make sure that whoever receives the signed document realizes that the signers identity has not been properly verified. It was actually a break-down in trust on VeriSign's part for all of the years they issued short lived digital IDs that contained a name having not verified the actual identity of the person requesting the digital ID. They are no doing what they should have been doing for years.


            That said, there are many trusted CAs that will issue a digital ID, but what you are going to have a hard time doing is finding one that will issue a digital ID for free that contains your name. As mentioned above you can get a digital ID from Comodo, but as the poster said they had to purchase the ID. Comodo does offer a free digital ID that they call an "e-mail ID" because at the very least they can validate the e-mail address, but since you can create any e-mail address (provided someone else hasn't got that address) with any name associated with it Comodo leaves the name field blank (akin to where VeriSign uses "Persona Not Verified"). You could go back to VeriSign and buy a digital from them where they would add your name, but you have to provide them with proof of identity, but your going to find that with all CAs.


            Adobe partners with several CAs and you can get the list from http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/certified-document-services.html but by no means is this an all inclusive list of the CAs that are out there. They number in the hundreds, but many of them are country specific.