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    Premiere Pro CS6 issue with AME/Dynamic Link

    Martin Vremec


      I'm having a quite frustrating problem with Premiere PRO CS6. Let me tell you my configuration first:

      Intel i7 860, 8Gb Ram, 2x1Tb HD in Raid 0, GeForce GTX570 Ti 2Gb DDR5, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.


      When I try to put in the AME's queue any Premiere's composition, I can see the window saying "Exporting...." but then nothing happens. AME doesn't start or, if it's already open, it doesn't receive anything on the queue.

      I've tried to import the timeline's directly from AME, but it doesn't work either.

      It has been a few days I'm fighting with this problem and I already have done this:

      1) Uninstall/Clean Install all the software inside the Creative Cloud subscription and all updates applied.

      2) clean any preset both in Premiere and AME by keeping down Alt+Shift when starting the applications.

      3) disable/enable antivirus software (Microsoft Security Essentials) and firewall (default windows 7 firewall).

      4) disable/enable the CUDA Mercury engine.


      None of this solved the problem.

      However I've noticed that each time I try to send something from Premiere to AME appears a general error in notifications saying just "invalid menu operation".


      Since, as I've said, I tried also a clean installation, right now I'm really out of options and I would really appreciate any suggestion how to fix this problem. Thanks.


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          Have you tried re-saving your Premiere project file using a Save As? That has solved a few annoying Dynamic Link problems for me. I have no idea why that works, but in more than one case I've done a simple Save As or I've deleted out the unnecessary sequences and bins from my project and done a Save As, and Dynamic Link started to work again for me. I don't know from your post whether you've been opening existing projects or trying new projects with dummy sequences, but if it's the former, Save As is worth a try.

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            Martin Vremec Level 1

            Hi Zach,

            I did "save as" before I decided to perform a clean install... I tried also with many different projects, even on those everything was working fine until a few weeks ago... but nothing.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              That has solved a few annoying Dynamic Link problems for me.


              As a point of interest, the connection between Premiere Pro and AME isn't a Dynamic Link.  It's more of a 'static' link.  The point of a Dynamic Link is that any changes made in the original program will show up in the secondary program.  That does not happen here.  The sequence is 'saved' from PP as it is at the time the export is started and AME works off of that saved sequence.  Changes made after that do not show up in AME automatically.


              So whatever the error, it is not related to Dynamic Link.