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    FTP a image to server with FW

    ik ke



      In Fireworks CS6 on the right top there are 2 arrows , so you can upload images to the server


      (in a previous version of FW there no pasword asking)


      but asking a password , witch password ? the FTP pasword that i also use in Dreamweaver wont help


      maybe I should still settings in Dreamweaver

      i try a lot but notting help



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          groove25 Level 4

          Interesting! I've never really noticed (or used) this feature before.


          Fireworks contains no preferences about site info and passwords, so it must be referencing information from Dreamweaver. The password being requested is site-specific; it's got to be the same password stored by Dreamweaver as part of the site definition (within the basic server settings).


          That said, I cannot get my password to be accepted either. I'm finding this to be a problem in both Fireworks CS6 and CS5.1. The workaround I'd suggest is to keep Dreamweaver open and use it to upload the image to your server, instead of Fireworks.

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            ik ke Level 1

            I had think FW CS5  it works properly


            i now can do it with Dreamweaver,  but it was easy to do in Fireworks


            strange that it no longer works in CS6 hope there is a solution


            other hand, the two arrows up and dowloaden there not for nothing in FW


            (sorry for my poor Englisch)

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              groove25 Level 4

              Here's an Adobe help page related to the File Management button:


              http://helpx.adobe.com/fireworks/using/fireworks-dreamweaver.html#transferring_site_files_ with_the_file_management_button


              Unfortunately, I don't see any clues or solutions here.

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                ik ke Level 1

                Thanks Groove25 for you comment !


                I think i have not the good institutions in  Dreamwever


                dit not understnad wat the next rule mean (my poor Englisch)


                Before using check-in and check-out options in Fireworks, select the Enable File Check In And Check Out option for the Dreamweaver site in which the document resides.


                maybe someone write here wath i exactly most do in Dreamweaver so it works


                edit ±

                i set bij the server setting advanced,: select the  File Check In And Check Out option en set to  Enable en than i fill in a name


                but nothing help