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    CS6 Not recognizing Tablet Pen Pressure




      I just recently upgraded to Photoshop CS6 and for a while everything was fine. Then for no reason that I can see, the pen pressure recognition for my tablet simply stopped working. It literally was working one day and then stopped the next.


      I am using a WACOM Intuos2 tablet, and have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for it many times to see if that was the problem. I have rebooted after each successful uninstall and reinstall, with zero effect. I have tried other USB ports with no effect. The tablet software recognizes the pressure when I run a diagnostic, it simply does not work in Photoshop. I realize the tablet is an older model but I can't imagine it is incompatable with Photoshop CS6.


      I have made certain everything is up to date, including Photoshop, Windows 7 32bit, any hardware drivers and my tablet driver.


      If there is anything else I can try please advise me. I am at my wits end here and I need Photoshop for my work.


      Thank you for any help you can give me.