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    How does the move function in the file menu work?


      My parents have Photoshop Elements 8 and all of the images are stored on a external hard drive.

      My dad organized the hard drive in very vague categories (things like I:/photos/spring 2004/spring 2004 - 1.

      We are looking to change the folder structure to one that is easier to navigate (I:/photos/vacations/new york city 2003)

      We are trying to avoid loosing tags in the organizer.


      I tried File -> Move with some of the photos.

      In one instance, it took the originals and moved them. In another it renamed the photos and copied them to their new destination.


      I'm curious whether or not this is typical?

      Should we go back and delete the originals once they are moved to their new location?


      I guess I'm just looking for some more detail on what exactly is happening when I use File -> Move.