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    Weird behavior when using groupspec in netstreams.

    LeaPaul Level 1

      I started using the groupSpecifier to communicate two players in a game I'm developing. Before, I was using a server to exchange their farID's, now I'm using the netGroup groupSpec, and it's working ok.. but, I got this weird issue:


      The first 2-8 seconds of netStream.sends commands, I got like a 2 seconds delay, after that, the communication is almost instantaneous.


      Dont know why this is happening, but I dont want to fully implement netGroup if I'm gonna have this kind odd behaviors...


      Do anyone know why this could be happening?, when I used NetStream.DIRECT_CONNECTIONS this didn't happen.




      Little update: seems like it's not about how much time I need to wait for it to start working properly, it's about how many sends commands I perform (between 0 and 10, seems quite random).