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    can listboxes span multiple pages?


      I have a dynamic pdf form that works great, so far.  There are several buttons that add/remove/open attachments.  When an attachment is added to the form, it's filename appears in a list box that expands depending on how many attachments have been added to the form.


      Problem: when too many attachments have been added, the entire listbox will jump to the next page (instead of splitting some on the first page, some on the second).  If even more attachments are added, causing the listbox to take up more than one full page, the list box jumps down 2 more pages and begins expanding into the page margins.


      Question: is there a way to make a listbox span multiple pages, similar to a text field?


      Notes: yes, I have to be able to add a ridiculous number of attachments, that is a requirement. Text fields expand fine and split pages normally, similar to how I would like the listbox to behave.