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    crashing flash 8 on test of movie...

    DZ-015 Level 1
      Hey... this is my first significant actionscript application... and i'm almost done with it, but i've gotten to the point where it crashes flash 8 when I test it... not just the player, it crashes the whole application. I'm starting to go through and check for bugs, but i just thought I'd post what I added to the actionscript today in the forums and see if anyone notices a blatent error.

      i haven't cleaned up this code yet... there are lots of comments, but it may not be as elegant as I want it to be yet... I'm not looking for you to spend too much time helping me make it work... just look for syntax or method errors - typos or things i should change about how i'm writing code.

      Thanks for looking!

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          blemmo Level 1
          Hm, I just tried this code, no crash here. Just loaded the mcLargeTray image, works fine. So it might not be this part that's crashing it...
          Just an idea: check if the .jpgs aren't progressive. Don't know if this may crash Flash, but there are problems with progressive .jpgs.

          Some other things I noticed:
          You create some empty MCs in children of the root MC, but you use the nextHighestDepth of the root for them. Inside the children, there's an own depth count, so it's a bit strange to use root's depths. Shouldn't be a problem, just thought I tell.
          Another, more important mistake is in the positioning code: the width property of MCs is called _width, not width.

          Apart from that, the code looks quite good. I would try to comment it out and uncomment it bit by bit and test the movie, maybe you can narrow the problem down to a smaller part this way. Good luck!