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    Having some problems with reconnecting footage after copy'ing to a new computer.


      I'm working on a stop-motion project with a lot of footage, the AE project files that I use have been copied multiple times back and forth between several computers.
      Several months ago I had this weird problem when opening a project on a different computer, all the footage was disconnected, so I had to reconnect.

      Now this happens a lot, but haven't been a problem since when I choose the footage file or sequence to be reconnected, AE would reconnect all te other files too.


      But this time, it didn't do that, I have to go in and reconnect every picture or sequence one by one, while the folders containing the footage have always remained the same.

      Somehow it stopped doing this and I could reconnect everything the normal way again.

      Today I copied all this footage to my brand new mac book to edit, but when I open the AE projects, I again have to reconnect EVERY SINGLE FILE manually.

      Which is very frustrating, because like I said before, I have a lot of footage!


      The previous computers where I used to work on had Mac OS 10.6, the new mac book is running Mac OS 10.8