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    Premiere Pro CS6 Crashes on Render Timeline and also Export


      Hi, The Last few days Premiere Pro has been crashing during either export of a sequence or during render of timeline.


      This also happens if I import the timeline into AME and try to render from there.


      The Files on the timeline are 720x576 progessive @25fps Avi Type 2's


      I've tried outputting to a number of file types with the same crash. Also I have Premiere Elements on the same machine and this does the same!


      This had been working fine the past few weeks, can't understand why its stopped now.


      I've also tried uninstalling CS6 and reinstalling it. and also keep all updated..


      Also reading some other posts, i also uninstalled Itunes in case the latest update has caused problems. Unfortunately i don't have  restore point from before the problem started happening


      although i do have a backup on another drive.

      I should also mention that i've done a number of virus scans as well with a couple of products just in case of that.


      Machine is Win 7 64 bit.  I7 Quad 2600 (3.4gig), 10gb Ram, Blackmagic extreme input card, and Duo input card. The Video Card is internal to the board (Intel HD Graphics...which performs ok for what i need it for )



      any help would be appreciated to get up and running again.