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    CS3 (attempting to use PS) Licensing for this product has stopped working

    gelphyn Level 1

      Searches have revealed several Threads on this subject, but those I have reviewed have either remained unanswered or where solutions have been found the information has not been fully shared.


      I am running a Mac Pro early 2008 2 x 2.8Ghz 4 Core, 8GB RAM and running Mac OS X 10.8.# Mountain Lion.


      My problem seems to have started following an upgrade to my Start Up Disc from HDD to SSD.

      Several rectification attempts were made by following all of the CS3 directions at:




      Like others I found that the LicenceRecovery111.dmg would not function under Mac OS X 10.8.#

      I also uninstalled everything Adobe, ran the AdobeCreativeSuiteCleanerTool and removed the multitude of remaining Adobe items manually.

      Reinstallation was to nil avail because the dreaded message was still present.


      The UK Adobe CS eventually escalated the problem to the next Level but even taking control of my Screen were unable to make any progress with only the following advice:


      Please uninstall and reinstall by renaming the Adobe folder and try installation and launch And CS 3.0 is very older version and it is not tested on the latest version of Mac 10.8.2, And however you can try to uninstall and reinstall the software and we do not guarantee that it works fine.

      I may have missed something along the way but this leaves me with the question:


      Is CS3 incompatible with Mac OS X 10.8.#?


      If anyone has any knowledge of this subject or can point me in the direction of an answer I will be most grateful. I no longer have justification to upgrade to CS6 and only occasionally use PS and AI, so hanging on to CS3 would be a good move.


      Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.


      Regards, G.