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    Which monitor for video editing (incl. color correction) 800USD/600€ max.?


      Dear Community,


      you all might have heard this question before and I made sure to look around before I posted this question but the answers that I found on my journey were not satisfying nor really fitting my question.


      Therefore I here state my question:

      Which monitor with a maximum price of 800 USD / 600 € (I live in Austria) is the best option for video editing (incl. color correction).


      The footage will be at least 3k and I have around a year till film school starts, if I get accepted that is...

      Size does not really matter as long as it is greater than 24'', what I am looking for is the best monitor in that given price range.

      I cannot afford a pricier one nor do I have the time to save money, since I need to edit my videos in order to apply not only for filmshools but also to festivals.


      Thanks for reading, every help is appreciated!