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    Found an app that lets you use PS Touch in Portrait.

    rtan73 Level 2

      I found an app called "GMD Smart Rotate" that lets you use PS Touch in Portrait orientation, even with the tablet upside down( good for some covers the are hinged on the botttom). The app is supposed to use your front facing camera to detect your eyes to tell whether you are holding the tablet horizontally or vertically(good for when lying down and looking up at the tablet). Although I could not get this main feature to work, the app also has the ability to force an app into landscape or portrait even if it was not programmed too. I tested it with Touch and it seems to work fine. All the menus and tools are still accessible and I have not found any problems so far. It also has a feature like smart stay on samsung devices(paid version). The app is availible in the Play Store. There is a free and paid version.


      I'm currentely only using the free version on a Galaxy Note 10.1 running ICS. Another problem checked off my issues with PS Touch list. Now if only they added .psd layer support and more brushes I'll be set.