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    Flex vs. Flash

      I am about to embark on building a complex application in Flash that involves a lot of video and Flash Remoting.

      I have been thinking though; there are a lot of very nice data rich applications built in Flex these days.

      What I need to do:

      The video starts playing, and the user can click a "Mark" button to mark the clip in. This timecode will automatically go into the "marked in" field. When the user hits "Mark" again, the timecode will be displayed in "marked out" field. There can be possible hundreds of these fields, all added by the user.

      I am thinking this can be done in Flex, but I'm not sure. Plus I've never really used Flex, so it would take me longer to build the app. Time is of the essence here. What would be a better pick though? Flash 8 or Flex 2? Thanks,