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    AutoSave for a beginner


      [insert nice intro here]


      Im making a pdf form. for this question we can say that there is only 1 input field (ID).

      from what i read it seems i will also need a button to click on called "save"


      i will require the user to:

      1open the document

      2input the data

      3save it.


      the document needs to be saved in a new folder by the date, followed by the file name "filename" which will be the exact same as the ID from the input field.

      i've spent all day searching for this, and only found either bits and pieces or something that is similar, but with answers that dont help.


      please help me with something close to a step by step

      (if it help: the file will not be emailed out, but placed on 1 single computer)

      PS, this question is on here a lot in different forms. "someone" should make a tutorial.


      [insert thank you here]