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    Some annoyances...

    Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

      First, let me state that I hate applications that quit upon closing their last window. Especially, when the application consists of one large framed window. And it's not just Adobe annoying me (with Edge Animate or Muse), but many Apple OSX applications show the same behavior (Calendar, Contacts, etc.) It is definitely not consistent.


      Next, I'd like a customisable interface color, just like Photoshop and Illustrator, with a darker and lighter interface and the possibility to move the panels around. I know, it's a difficult thing for Edge and Muse, actually being AIR apps...


      And finally, in the Welcome screen, the names of the recently opened files are clickable, but their icons are not.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Just a side note, Edge is not an Air application like Muse. Edge is largely javascript in shape and form. While I would like to see chromeless panels, you can detatch (Unlock) and move panels around.


          A. Drag the Panel tab handler to reposition within the app frame.

          B. Go to any Panel > Options menu (click the icon to the right) and choose Unlock.



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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Actually, minor correction - Edge Animate is largely written in various native and interpreted languages, but not written in JavaScript - I think you're thinking of Brackets/Edge Code, which is written in web technologies.    That being said, Darrell is correct in that Animate is not an AIR application, and you should be able to undock and dock all of the frames save the Stage frame.





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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              Thanks, Elaine, for the clarification


              Hope your holidays were relaxing.



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                Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

                Thanks for the replies :-)

                Seems that I was at a very wrong end, assuming Animate to be an AIR app.

                And I just saved my "Economy" workspace to use in presentations.


                Nevertheless, if it's NOT an AIR app, then why not adhere to Adobe's Common Interface for tabbed and docked panels ? Dragging, dropping, and docking panels can be much easier than using a command in a side menu (where users hardly ever look). 10 Years ago, Adobe successfully sued Macromedia for using this interface in Dreamweaver, Flash, and Freehand (it cost them a whopping 2,8 million). Why not use it ? It still serves us well...

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                  jbowden Adobe Employee

                  Hi Peter,


                  You can drag, drop, and dock panels in Edge Animate without ever going to a flyout menu. Just click on the gripper on the left side of the tab, and then drag and drop it whereever you want it in the workspace.