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    Embedding Image (as ByteArray from a BLOB) into PDF


      Hi everybody,

      I would like to embed an Image, which is stored in a BLOB Field of a MySQL DB. In my first step I tried do do that with following code:


      var myImage : Image = new Image();

      myImage.source = workClient.logo_file;

      myImage.width = 200;

      myImage.height = 25;

      p.addImageStream(myImage as ByteArray,ColorSpace.DEVICE_RGB,null,myPrintItem.posx,myPrintItem.posy,myPrintItem.width,myPrintItem.height,0,0,"Normal",null);



      This brought up an  Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference


      The stored Image can be used within the source Property of an Image-Object and also can be displayed on Screen (as workaround I am displaying the Image and use the addImage function from AlivePdf, but this approach is not really usable, if I have to load more pictures).


      Does anybody know what's the best Practice to add an Image from a ByteArray to AlicePDF.