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    Can I set up form results to be viewed in a password protected area?




      I am trying to create a form to capture leads for my new lead capture website. I have a bankruptcy business and would like another, new website that I can capture bankruptcy leads from a form. A lead would, of course, be someone who comes to my site and is interested in contacting with an attorney to schedule a free consultation by filling out an online form - "name, state, county, debts, etc.)


      What I would like to do is set up a nationwide site and sell, refer, give, trade? leads from other states to other local attorneys.


      So, my question is, could I set up a form with FormsCentral that I could integrate with a password protected section of my website that the other lawyers could login to in order to check form results? Could it be set so many different users (ie lawyers advertising on my site) could login to check results for their personalized form (for example lawyer A in State A can log into his own private page to check results from Form A, lawyer B in State B can login to a private page to check results from form B and so on and so forth...) Would I need a developer to code this application? Any help would be appreciated.


      Obviously this project was a larger than I expected.


      Thanks a lot!