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    How to get data from JSP or HTML page to Livecycle workspace

    Ashok Deivasigamani Level 1

      Hi folks,

      I have a requirement, in which the user will fill his/her data in a JSP or HTML based site(portal) and on completing that form, on clicking on a button in that page, the data needs to be transfered to a PDF form in workspace which will let the user add more details in the workspace before initiating the workflow.

      I am not sure on how to accomplish this, please guide me.



      Regards -

      Ashok D

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          $Nith$ Level 4

          REST endpoint would be an ideal solution for this..


          In JSP/HTML, when the user clicks on submit button, construct an XML with form field values and assign to a hidden field.


          for e.g.  txtFormData = "<mydata><username>testuser</username><password>pwd</password</mydata>"


          The target URL of your form should be the REST endpoint address of livecycle.




          In your process create a variable named "txtFormData" and receive this input content. Later you may deserialize as XML document and merge it with PDF template. Finally assign tasks to users.


          Let me know if you stuck up anywhere with this approach.


          You may directly post all contents of your JSP form fields to LC; the problem is you will have to create individual variables for all the form fields.