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    Touch Screen problems with adobe photoshop cs6


           Photoshop cs6 works almost perfectly on the sony vaio tap 20 windows 8 computer.  One problem is the touch screen's compatibility with photoshop.  Inorder to draw with my finger or a pen, I need to select outside of the boundary of the canvas and drag inorder to draw.  The program works fine with the mouse and keyboard, but the touch screen is really what I want to use.  Any help or suggestions...

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          This has been addressed in this forum before do a search on Sony vaio. The digitizer use in the vaio is made by N-trig or something like that and their device driver use a Microsoft API to interface with the hardware. However Photoshop does not support that API in favor of an other API. So  Adobe point its finger at N-trig and they in turn point their finger at Adobe.  More and more machine are using N-trig hardware.  A poor driver was created for the N-tig hardware that uses the other API however it does not work well. Replace Adobe software with software that supports your hardware for Adobe software does not....