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    Air Application generated via RoboHelp: can a developer edit like any other Air app?


      Hello Forum,


      I have an Adobe Air application - contains a niche business methodology (interlinked processes, tools, templates etc.), authored and generated using RoboHelp - which I want to make available for commercial sale.  In order to do this it looks as if we need a developer to integrate with the API of the vendor (see examples below) with my Adobe Air Application (RoboHelp content generated as an Adobe AIR Application).


      I asked this question in the RoboHelp forum but the initial response has been confusion and uncertainty over whether you can 'tinker' under the hood like this. I was hoping - praying indeed, we are up against a deadline - that this isn't a massive oversight and that Adobe Air Apps built using RoboHelp can be edited like any other.


      Here are a couple of examples of the integration required:





      Any comments or pointers (including developers to speak to) *greatly* appreciated.  Any questions, anything I've left out, please just ask!