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    Why is it not colorizing?



      So I've made a little animation of 6 seconds with paint splattering and text. I've tried to colorize the paint, but only the border and the background gets colorized. I've tried with many techniques: colorama, hue and saturation and curves. It makes the same result with each effect. I've also tried to put the effect on every layer instead of only on an adjustement layer.

      Info on the project: The text is white. The blend mode of all the paint splatter layers are add and the track matte are alpha inverted on the text (I've made a lot of copies of the text). Here are screen captures:


      This is without colorizing.


      This is with colorizing:


      This is a paint splatter layer exemple:


      I use after effects cs6 on windows 7 64-bit. If you need more information to help me, tell me and I'll give you! Thanks!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          We've got no information that will help us make a diagnosis.  As AE gets more complicated and has to run on more & more OS's, CPU's and cards, it's tougher to track down a simple answer.


          Could you please answer the questions you'll find here?


          And a screen shot of your project wouldn't hurt, either. 

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Effect --> Color Correction --> Tint (or Tritone). and yes, as Dave said, it would help to have more info.



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              bigjaws Level 1

              I've tried the tint effect before answering to the questions, and it worked!

              Thank you very much for your answers!

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I am guessing that the paint layer is set to a blend mode of screen and that you want to leave the background gray and color the paint.


                You've got 2 options. The first is to use Effect>Channel>SetMatte to create an alpha channel for your paint splatter layer from the luminance values. Next add Effect>Channel>Remove Color Matting. Now add Effect>Color Correction>Tint and map White to your color. Adjust your blend mode normal or Alpha Add then to bring out the color. A blend mode of overlay would help bring out the underlying texture.


                The second would be to .... Come to think of it, the first option should work just fine.


                If you're on an earlier version of AE you could use Unmult to generate the alpha chennel...

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                  bigjaws Level 1

                  I've tried with your way but it doesn't work perfectly because of the alpha inverted track matte (the text). But thanks for showing me a new effect! The tint effect proposed by Mylenium works properly

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Pre-compose.... It will work just fine there and give you some edge control. A screenshot would have pointed you to a solution sooner.