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    The previews of my Vids are green, why???  - can´t cut in CS5 - need help.




      I´m from Germany, using Premiere CS5, now from more than a year. I cut my vids, from my cam which taking video recordings in AVCHD 24p. this works. So a friend of me gave me video recordings taken with his Iphone 4S, which I should cut for him.

      I did this four times for him, everytime everything worked, its always the same format: .mov


      But now some of his vids  in the preview screen are green! and I just hear the sound of the vid. I can´t cut, without seeying anything. What can I do? here´s a screenshot I did:




      like u see all videos are normal, instead of the first one.


      PS) it doesn´t matter if the vid is horizontal or vertical. The green preview is coming in both cases!


      THX for every help.