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    best Budget Graphics Card for Pr CS6 editing

    ptl-2010 Level 1

      I am looking to build an i5 3570 based windows editing computer in the coming months and I am looking for suggestions on a graphics card to be used with Premiere Pro CS6. I will not be using this system for high volume video editing, probably 1-4 5-15 minute projects a month using Canon DSLR footage and a few motion graphics in AE.


      I would like to purchase a Nvidia card under $200 to be used with the "hack" to enable it to help in editing. This system may also end up being used for gaming, but it's not a priority. I have tried looking around online to see if anyone has made a list of best non approved nvidia cards for Mercury Playback but I was unable to find anything.


      Are there certain things to look for in a graphics card when it comes to working with Premiere and AE? Number of CUDA cores, core clock, memory type? I'm not the most knowledgable when it comes to computers but I am willing to learn if it helps me find the card that best fits my needs.



      A little info on my idea for the build


      i5 3570

      16-32gb 1600 DDR3 ram

      128gb SSD for OS

      a few HDDs for work/scratch



      Any help is much appriciated!