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    list items

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      Is there a good way to add list items to text areas so they wrap right?


      I'm about to go old school stupid and draw a bunch of little dots on my list items with corospoding mouseovers.


      I don't really want to do that and feel like I'm rocking like its 1999 with this.





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          Add list items

          To add list items to text areas, I've had to add them manually by editing my project's .js file. Look for the .js file that is just the same name as your .an file. Avoid the _edgeActions and _edgePreload files. Open it with Dreamweaver, or whichever editor you use, and you will be able to locate the correct text field if you look carefully for it. Once you find it, you can manually add your <ul> and <li> tags to the string of text (just add them inline, and don't forget to close them all up). Once you are done, save the file and if your Edge project is open, it should prompt you to reload that .js file. You should then see your bulleted list.


          Adjust wrapping

          To adjust the wrapping, you can either play with the width of your text areas in Edge, or you can try adding <br> tags to your .js file once you see how the bullets affect your text wraps.


          Good luck! I hope this helps.



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            iUtopia Level 1

            ok cool. I will keep that in mind for the future.


            appreciate it.