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    Performance issue in Chrome on Nexus tablets

    jomariworks Level 1

      I've been exploring Edge and creating different types of animation.  I've been very happy with the cross-platfrom support until yesterday.  There is something in the version of Chrome running on the Nexus tablets that can't handle a specific type of animation.


      The animations can be viewed at http://jomariworks.com/edgetest


      The initial page (http://www.jomariworks.com/edgetest/index.html) and the page you reach when you click ENTER (http://www.jomariworks.com/edgetest/splash.html) work on all browsers and hardware that I've tested, including the Nexus tablets.


      Only the "Projects" page (http://www.jomariworks.com/edgetest/projects.html) has problems when viewed on the Nexus tablets using the Chrome browser.  In landscape mode, the animation never completes the initial sequence. In portrait mode, more of the animation loads but never fully.  To see if the fact that I have overflow displayed was an issue, I created an alternative with overflow hidden (http://www.jomariworks.com/edgetest/projectsAlt.html).  That lessened the symptoms but did not "fix" the problem.


      I've tested this animation without any problem on:

      • Chrome, Firefox and Safari on the desktop
      • Safari on the iPad
      • Chrome on a Samsung Galaxy SII phone


      This issue only appears in Chrome on the Nexus tablets, both 7 and 10 (although the 10 in landscape mode is the most broken).


      The animation successfully loads using the Dolphin browser on the Nexus 10 tablet. However, it does not play smoothly as though there is a resource issue.