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    Trivia question for Photoshop CS5 connoisseurs


      What would cause  my printer to print in such way? See photo attached. It will only happen in Photoshop CS5. It printed ok in Ai. Looks like the color components are not lining up.IMG_2289.JPG

      I reset the settings on CS5, aligned my printer, printed a test page and tried a little bit of Juju...


      Need help or suggestions.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Doesn't look like a familiar failure to me, though it crossed my mind that maybe the printer had run out of one of the colors of ink - but that possibility seems to be dispelled by your saying it prints properly from other apps.


          Screen grab your print dialog and printer settings dialog.  Maybe it's some kind of "double color management" problem.


          Other questions you can answer that may help someone help you:


          1.  What system, what OS, what printer (specifics are needed)?

          2.  What color space is your document in?


          Armed with the screen grabs and specific system/printer info, maybe someone with a similar setup will be able to say what they do to make prints work properly for them.



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            ciamspeed Level 1

            CS5 Issue.png

            CS5 Issue 2.pngOp system is WIN7. Gateway gaming machine. The irony is that it works with the other programs.