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    Editing Video in Photoshop CS6


      I have several hours of video aerials shot with a JVC GY-HM750U camera. The camera creates a .MOV video file. Great looking stuff but I have some lens dirt showing up in everything. I upgraded from CS5 to CS6 because I saw a tutorial demonstrating how to use smart layers and the dust and scratches filter to get rid of the problem. Still working on the best settings for the filter to best take care of the problem. But when I exported a test clip in an H.264 or QuickTime format, both rendered files only played part way through then the image froze but the progress bar in the player kept moving. The image changed abruptly to somewhere down the clip and then ended. I also edit all other video in FCP6. When I import the .MOV file into FCP it behaves the same. Can anyone offer any help? Thanks.