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    Help with Linear Dashpots

      Hi there,
      First what I am trying to do is I would like to apply four linear dashpots, one for each wheel and 4 angular dahspots, one for each wheel. However, I can not even get the linear dashpots to work. However, my first problem I resolved so far was that I was ising the wrong type of simulation geometry for the chassis which was why my wheels where interpenetrating wtih the chassis, so I was able to fix that.

      Now I understand that Max is a little different then with Plasma, but as far as linear dashpots go, I would think they would be the same with any program that uses the havok linear dashpots. So what I am generally asking is for help on is linear dashpots.

      1. I wanted to know does it make a difference if chassis is connected bodyA along with the wheel being connected to BodyB as opposed to if the wheel is connected to BodyA and the chassis is connected to BodyB?

      2. Once the dashpots are connected corecctly, where should BodyA be postioned and BodyB be positioned?

      3. How much strength and damping should be applied to each of the linear dashpots?

      I ask the questions because even after reading the hovak docs, and a website from intel, I still can't get my wheels to stop collapsing. I tried changing the strength, the damping, their positions, the direction of what gets connected to BodyA, and what gets connted to BodyB, but still no luck.
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          KingDruid Level 1
          I dont think you can make a Linear Dashpot only rotate one axis
          It is going to extend like a rubber band tied to an object

          It would be nice if you can tell it what axis to use
          I think in 3d studion there is a Wheel Havok Item you can use

          or in director lingo you would make it a child of the car body and tell it to rotate self when you move the car foward
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            Roofy Level 1
            [quote] I dont think you can make a Linear Dashpot only rotate one axis
            It is going to extend like a rubber band tied to an object[/quote]

            I know I linear dashpots do not rotate, and that is not what I am looking for. What I am looking for is to see if I could use the dashpots the wau you are suppose to connect them. From what I was told, you are suppose to use 4 linear dashspots and 4 angular dashpots. Now what I was trying to explain is what I have done so far, which is hust connecting the linear dashpots. Once I connected the linear dashpots, I then wanted to do a preview to see my end results, which I expected the chassis to stay stable ont top of the wheels and for the wheels to stay connected to the chassis. However, when I did the preview, my wheels would collapse as you can see in this picture....


            So then I ask my three questions which I still need help on.