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    How to restore the "Linked" attribute of a picture to "false"?

      Just after importing a picture, the "linked" attribute of the picture member is "false". When distributed, the data of picture is packed in the DCR file.
      If some lingo code changed the "filename" of the member, like follow:
      member("MyPicMember").filename = ".\NewPicture.jpg"
      The content of the picture would be changed. And as a result, the "linked" attribute of the member would be changed to "true" at the same time. A triangle appears on top right conner of the icon of the picture member. If distributed again at this time, the data of picture is not packed in DCR file. Picture file must exist beside the DCR.
      Now I want to restore the "linked" to "false" (because I want to write new projects based on the old, I want to let the picture data in the DCR again). I found it is difficult to restore it. The "linked" attribute can not be modified, whether in Property Inspector or in code. I found the only method is delete the member and import again, manually, one by one. But there are many pictures in my program, so it makes me tired.
      Anyone tell me a good method to restore them? I hope it can use code to do it.