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    Premiere Pro CS6 for Broadcast ProRes HQ Frame rate issues


      I switched from Avid to work on a quick project with DSLR footage shot on the 5D Mark III at 29.97 psf which is not to be confused with 29.97i, a standard frame rate necessary for broadcast.   So the commercial spot was cut together, I punched in the proper settings (the very same settings that work with Avid 6.0+ and Final Cut Pro 7), and hit export.  When exporting either a Quicktime Animation or Pro Res file from Premiere Pro CS6, premiere creates a file with a faulty framerate, it comes out as 28.4 instead of 29.97.  I thought I was going crazy, but no, there are tons of documented experiences with 23.94 being 20-something, and on an on.  It seems as if Adobe did not do a good enough job with integrating the Pro Res codec into their software.  The only way I could get around it was to export to something else (Blu-ray H.264 at 29.97), and then re-encode that file to Pro Res HQ with either compressor or adobe media encoder.   The problem lies in exporting progressive footage as interlaced, it just completely screws up the frame rate.    The worst bit is that, I need Pro Res HQ for the distribution house for the commercial spots, they require the ProRes HQ MOV at 29.97i and if anything is off, I get charged for it.


      Does anyone else have problems with Adobe Premiere lacking on the professional end? Or similar experience with this problem?



      Just do a search for pro res frame rate issue premiere and you will see a lot of other users with the same issue.







      System Config:

      Mac OSX 10.8.2

      2.7GHz Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2012

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024MB

      16GB 1600 MHZ DDR3

      256GB SSD + 750GB SATA (no CD/DVD)

      Premiere Pro CS6 (latest)