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    Can't set up pressure sensitivity in CS6?


      I just got my first ever drawing tablet and so I'm having a lot of problems setting up the pressure sensitivity. I have a DigiPro WP5540 and I've installed the driver and the software and everything. In CS6 I go to shape dynamics and it doesn't allow me to do anything. It just has a warning icon next to it:1.PNG


      Does anybody know what this means and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

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          It means that your tablet driver is not returning pressure in a way that Photoshop can use.


          Many of the knockoff tablets need to update their drivers for each version of Photoshop (and we don't know why).


          You should contact the tablet maker and see if they have an updated driver that works with Photoshop.

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            I was having the same problem with my WP8060, but between Chris Cox's reply and some other searches that revealed that UC Logic uses the same drivers for everything, I downloaded the newest driver I could find. So, the uc-logic.com website is down (or non-existent?), I followed it to artisul.com, which seems to be their new models. Downloaded the driver for the new models, which passes photoshop usable data, but because it's not the correct model, the WP8060's "hot-spots" don't work. Posted link to drivers below: