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    URGENT: resolution xtra problem

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      our customer has reported, that application which uses resolution xtra
      doesn't change resolution on computers of its publisher
      The application works ok on all PCs in our office, on all PCs in the office
      of our customer, hundred of beta-testers had also no problem with it -
      resolution was changed on demand

      But i doesn't work in the office of the publisher - on any PC of them (all
      PCs have obviously the same configuration)

      What can be the cause of this?

      Any help or advice will be appreciated

      Regards, game_dev

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          Just a guess here, but is it possible that the publisher's computers all
          have some sort of security policy in place where the users do not have
          security access to change the screen res of their own computers? This
          can easily be tested by asking them to try to change the screen res
          manually on any of their machines that are displaying this issue.