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    Three Way Color Corrector Issues


      I have been having problmes with the three way color corrector relating to the input and output levels and even just having the effect active on a clip.


      Here is what I have with no adjustment and with the effect is active.


      No Adjustment_1.jpgNo Adjustment_2.jpgNo Adjustment_3.jpg




           When I move the black input level to the max of 253 it darkens the image but doesn't give me any complete blacks.  In the waveform monitor the lowest IRE levels are around 10.


      Highest Black Input_1.jpgHighest Black Input_2.jpgHighest Black Input_3.jpg




           When I move the black output level to its max there is also not a large enough change to the image. With this I should have blown out whites.  The highest IRE level in the waveform monitor is only about 90.


      Highest Black Output_1.jpgHighest Black Output_2.jpgHighest Black Output_3.jpg



      When I bring the output white level to its minimum there is also a very similar issue to the other two scenarios.  The minimum IRE level is about 10 in this case.


      Min White Output_1.jpgMin White Output_2.jpgMin White Output_3.jpg


      I tried all these same things on the Fast Color Corrector and had no problems.


      I haven't noticed any issues with the input white level and the input grey level on the Three Way Color Corrector.



      The last problem I found with the Three Way Color Corrector is related to just having the effect active even when no adjustments to the Three Way Color Corrector are made.  This issue doesn't happen when Render at Maximum Bit Depth is enabled.  The image gets a greenish tint to it and the problem is also seen in the RGB parade monitor as a slight decrease in blues and reds.


      Here is with the effect disabled on the left and enabled on the right.







      Here are some basic system specs:


      HP 8710p Mobile Workstation


      CPU: Intel Core Duo 2 T7500 @2.2 GHz


      GPU: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 320m


      4 Gb RAM


      750Gb Seagate Monentus XT


      OS: Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate


      I am using the Mecury Playback Engine in software only mode because my GPU is not supported and also lacking memory to use the hack.

      The footage is H.264 encoded in a .mov container and was shot on a Canon 650d.

      I tried the same tests using NTSC DV footage shot on an old Panasonic PV-DV910 and had the same problems.


      For now I will be using the Fast Color Corrector for my work since I haven't had any of these issues with it.


      Has anyone else had problems with the Three Way Color Corrector and found a solution? I hope Adobe comes out with a fix for this soon.



      Edit:  The problems relating to adjusting levels occur with Maximum Bit Depth both diabled and enabled