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    Auto Import stops importing


      I'm seeing a problem in just some of my Lightroom 4 (version 4.3, latest updates as of today) catalogs where auto import just stops working. There are no error messages and Lightroom continues to work, but files in the watched folder just don't get imported. I've optimized the catalog, restarted Lightroom, double checked that auto import is on, restarted my mac (mac book pro running 10.7.5), imported all the photos into a new catalog... still no joy. Also worth noting is that the other import options are greyed out if auto import is on when I start Lightroom for these broken catalogs... but if I turn off auto import, and restart Lightroom, the import photos and videos is enabled and I can import the files from the watch folder manually.


      This isn't happening on all of my catalogs, just some. And, I do have plenty of disk space.


      Anyone else seeing this? Any fixes?

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          Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It's possible that your Lr preference file has been corrupted in some way. Try deleting it, restart Lr then reconfigure auto-import. Hopefully, this will fix the problem.

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            LaraFerroni99 Level 1

            Looks like it was a file naming conflict, oddly enough. When I tether with my Canon 5DMKIII it seems to start the image naming over from scratch anytime I have to restart the EOS utility. That's not normally a problem, but I guess if you get to many img1-* it runs out of unique names or something, so it starts thinking there are duplicates and doesn't import them (and also doesn't error). The manual import actually overwrote files of the same name (without warning me)... which is how I found the problem. Changing the auto import preferences to rename the files on import seems to fix the problem.