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    GeForce 560 Ti, CS6 and Windows 8 - no acceleration

    Prizm4 Level 1

      Ever since I upgraded to Windows 8, I have not been able to use hardware acceleration properly on my GeForce GTX 560 Ti. I previously had the card working fine (using the cuda_supported_cards.txt 'hack'). Now Premiere Pro CS6 allows me to select hardware acceleration, but it won't actually render. It either freezes at 0%, or it spits out an "error compiling movie" error.


      I'm using Premiere CS6 6.0.2, nVidia driver 310.70, 8GB RAM. I have followed one suggestion to edit the nVidia settings for Premiere Pro.exe, changing the "mixed-GPU acceleration" to "compatibility mode". But that didn't make a difference.


      I have tried an older nVidia Windows 8 driver, but that didn't change anything either.


      Anyone have a suggestion?