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    Resizing Image

    Pritesh patel
      Hi All,
      I am using flex 2.0 to upload photo on my server. I believe that flex application create swf file which load into end user side.

      In one of my application my client uploading multiple images (more than 50 at a time). Most of the image is size of more than 1.5 MB. So what I am doing is after image get uploaded on my server I am resizing using <cfimage> tag of coldfusion. But problem is when he is uploading more than 50 photos he need to wait for long time also it consume lots of bandwidth.

      Is it possible with flex that before uploading image on my server it get resize on client's computer and then we upload on my server. Generally on resizing it reduce size to 50-100 KB so it will save my lots of time for uploading.

      Can anybody help me out....