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    Troubles Saving projects w/ FMV

      I am working on a POS training project. Because of this, the PC is very restricted (no start menu, no explorer, no run window, etc...). We have been able to install Captivate 2, and things have been working well. I can record demonstrations and save them. I then take the saved files to another machine to edit and finalize.

      Projects with stills work with no troubles. I have some pieces that require recording with full motion video. They record fine. I am unable to save the project. I recieve an error saying the files are locked by another program or user. This only happens with projects with recorded full motion video. I assume this is a permission problem, with the movie files created. I would assume there are two ways to solve this. 1.) Find the temp files, and edit their permissions. 2.) Run captivate as Admin.

      Obviously solution 2, sounds like the better choice. However, with the restrictions on the PC, this is difficult. I can get to a DOS prompt from a protected part of the POS, which is how I have installed and launch captivate. Is there a way to "run as" from command line? If not, am I able to change ownership/permissions from the command line? If so, where would I find these temporary files?

      Thanks for your help!