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    Local Connection Question

      I am attempting to use the localConnection(); command to control the order in which swf files on the same html page play. I cannot seem to get the commands to work correctly. I know this has to be pretty simple. How do I pass a local connection command so that one swf will tell another swf on the same html page to play? Please help. URGENT!!

      Here is the page I am creating:


      I want the background image to load, then tell the nav to play, and then the main content area.

      Any ideas, anyone?
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          Are each of these separate .swf files? Nav, main content? How are you playing them now if you use the navigation at the bottom of the first movie?
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            jlrowedog Level 1
            Yes, they are seperate .swf files. The nav, main content and background image are all seperate .swf files. You can view it in Safari to see it work correctly. (I am also having some cross browser problems as well). Each .swf file resides in it's on DIV layer. So you can see how having them all load at the same time would be a problem. You can view the source to see the seperate .swf files. Also, the CSS is styles.css if you would like to take a look at that as well. Any help would be appreciated.