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    Track open nodes in AdvancedDataGrid?


      I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I didn't find anywhere more suitable ...

      In beta 1 the AdvancedDataGrid had an openItems attribute that one could reset after a change to keep the tree in the same state. Now that attribute is gone and I don't see any other way to accomplish the same effect.

      My use case is that I have an XML document as a hierarchical data source. I add nodes to it at run-time and need to refresh the ADG so that the new nodes show up. However on resetting the datasource the tree closes.

      Since the datasource is really the same one (just with new data) I was previously able to use openItems to reset the tree to the "open" state it was in before.

      Is there a better method for doing this? Or some way to get the tree to recognize new data without closing?

      Many thanks ...