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    Background color between divs within fluid grid

    NotEnoughHours Level 1

      Just starting to work with the CS6 fluid grid layouts.  One issue I can't work out - background colors between the "columns".  Example - My website has a blue background color.  I have a two divs side by side.  Dreamweaver automatically assigns a left-margin to the div on the right.  That left-margin shows the blue (body) background, whereas I would prefer the divs to cosy up to each other with the same white background.  I cannot seem to just add up the percentages of the left-margin and the div and then eliminate the left-margin.  That pushes the div onto a new row.  I tried adding white as the background-color to the gridContainer class, but that shows up the white margins on each side of the website that I do not want.  I guess I could put a background image behind the whole website that might work, but I assume I'm missing a really easy resolution? Thx in advance...