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    Flex, LCDS, ...


      For futur development, we need to choose a new Web oriented solution.
      Flex look's like as we need because it's open source, Cross-platform,
      AIR (deploy applications to the desktop), develop by Adobe, ...

      When i'm look on Adobe's solutions, i'm quickly lose :  Flex, LiveCycle
      Data Services Flex Data services, ColdFusion, ... plus components like AMFPHP.
      So, I don't know what i need.

      We want :
      - Use PostgreSQL 8 as RDBMS,
      - Flex as client,
      - Connected mode (sessions management),
      - Data push

      If it's possible, we want it without any server-side language (PHP, Java, ...)
      or use it as less as possible.

      On Web, there is a lot's of example but when we search database connection ...