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    WebHelp build takes over an hour

      I was recently upgraded to RH6 and RoboSource Control 3, mostly for the more resiliant source control database. Unfortunately, I still have the same old performance issues when building WebHelp for source controlled projects.

      I notice that during the build RoboHelp updates each topic (with what, I have no idea), which presumably requires checking them out and in again. Why does it need to do that, and is there a way to stop it?

      Here are some details:
      My project has about 4,300 topics and 1,900 images (weighing in at 17MB)
      The RoboSource Control database is not on the same PC as RoboHelp - it's on a server on our network
      I have 'on access' virus scanning on my PC, but disabling it doesn't seem to make any difference
      I have a fast PC with lots of RAM

      Can anyone offer any advice?