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    Placing an image on top of a flash file

      Is there a way to keep a image on top of a flash file? When I place it on top then publish the flash file jumps in front of the pic when it plays.

      What I am trying to do is place a border around the window. I can't just shrink the flash file down because this great program causes errors with the flash content.
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          There is no way to keep an image on top of a Flash file. Having said that, we do a couple things to get around that:

          1: add the border to the flash file-- when we're creating swfs for Breeze in Captivate or Flash itself, we add the highlight or border there

          2: Add the border to a file that rests behind the flash file and make the flash file fit

          It sounds as if you've tried the second, but with no success. I 've never had a problem resizing swfs that I've imported into ppt through Breeze Presenter. I sthat the issue you're having?