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    RoboHelp License Transfer Problem

    AlScott9028001 Level 1
      Good morning.
      Here's the problem.
      I've uninstalled Robohelp from one PC - (after doing the license release etc.) to another PC. Everything went perfectly.
      It was installed onto the new PC as local admin.
      However - if I open RH, it starts off perfectly - ie a typical 'blue' window title bar, then SWITCHES (really!) to a grey one as if it was a 'background' window. All the menus are of course not accessible, and the only way to exit RH is by using Task Manager.
      Now - and here's the odd thing - if I open the actual RH project i everything works perfectly.
      I've tried doing a total uninstall, even stripping out the RH folder and installing it into a different folder (C:\ROBOHELP), but to no avail.
      Well, I'm at a loss here.
      Any ideas anyone??