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    Using HTTP basic auth in WebService


      I am writing a flex app that needs to talk to a pre-existing SOAP web service. Unfortunately the web service uses http basic auth to authenticate a user. I am trying to figure out exactly how this is accomplished but I cannot find any substantive data on the subject. So I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction or possibly answer the question outright.

      I DID find reference to using the useProxy attribute on the WebService element (and that I would need to make some changes to a flex-config.xml) but I could not get this to work, nor could I find any explanation as to what exactly I was doing. I, as a workaround, attempted to place the auth info in the url (e.g. http://user:passwordhash@host:port/wsdl) but this did not work either as the request never made it to the server, I am assuming actionscript doesn't like this format?

      Anyway, does anyone have any advice/pointers? Any help would be appreciated.