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    Simple Example

      Hi there!!

      Any of you guys know a place where I can get practical examples of Data Services development?
      I want only a simple example in how to retrieve data from the Data Services Server. I searched on the internet and only found some examples using PHP/XML, but I would like to use Data Services.

      It's being so hard to find information about data services that we at our company are thinking about in use PHP/XML instead of FDS, in our Flex Application.

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          No! I'm going to try it now!!

          Thanks a lot!
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            Hi kcell, I'm reading a tutorial that I got from the page you indicated ( http://coenraets.org/tutorials/fdms_tutorial.pdf) and realized that this example uses Data Services + JAVA as the development envirnoment.

            Now I'm more confused. I thought Data Services included it's own programming language (maybe Actionscript 3). Do I have really to use Java with Data Services?? Is it the only option I have? If so, it'll be very difficult for us, cause we don't have a Java Programmer. All we want to do is use Data Services to get some simple data from the Server.

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              I am also a newbie to FDS (coming from the c++/c# corner) and I just used the webservice proxy (as a simple router to a backend ASP webservice), which means I didn´t code anything. I just used the proxy (some configuration work , I was also lost without the help from the forum here (thanks to Peter)).

              If you just want to get simple data from a server you should consider of getting it directly without the lifecycle/fds server. (my reason was that our customer didn´t want a asp webservice(IIS) outside there firewall)
              With the flex framework you can easily access data via http or webservice, but this depend on your data/system structure.

              Finally (to answer your question ;) ) for some functionality you can use directly a java application server+lifecycle/FDS and for more advanced functions you can use java apps and frameworks (hibernate, spring,...) to connect to a backend system/server.
              The actionscript/mxml language is just used for the flash client code (the swf file).
              Before Flex 2 the FDS could also used to compile the SWF file dynamically/at runtime, but this is no longer the main goal since Flex 2.

              best regards,